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Personal safety system

In the recycling industry, various fibre's are compressed into bales. The uncompressed materials are transported up to the press opening along conveyor belts. Workers who spend time in the vicinity of baling presses are unconsciously putting themselves in danger.

If an employee trips or slips onto the conveyor, for example, he or she has very little chance of avoiding serious or even fatal injury.  Mechanical safety systems, such as pull cords, for example, have the disadvantage that they require a person who is not incapacitated to operate them. If, however, the employee concerned has lost his or her ability to act or is even rendered unconscious as a result of a fall or injury, he or she is no longer able to actively initiate protective measures

In such situations, the U-Tech GSG202 safety system saves lives. An otherwise passive system, it automatically triggers an emergency stop of the machine if an employee enters the danger area. A mobile, radio-controlled emergency stop system is also available.

GSG202 is an electronic safety system that in combination with the PSM transponder worn by the person to be protected shuts down a machine as soon as this person enters the danger zone.

The person to be protected wears this transponder either like a wristwatch or carries it as a small box (twice the size of a matchbox). 

An electromagnetic field that is constantly monitored is generated throughout the entire danger area. If the transponder enters this field,

it recognises the danger and sends a radio signal to a control unit that then switches off the press or shredder before the employee is hurt. 

Advantages of the GSG 202

  • Maximum protection even if staff are incapacitated
  • No production disruptions caused by accidental triggering of light barriers
  • None of the mechanical wear that typically occurs with pull cord for example
  • Increased assurance for contractors and safety representatives
  • Easily installed by our company electricians
  • Self-monitoring for completely maintenance-free operation


GSG 202