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BM 100 New Series

BM 100 New Series


If you’re investing in a baling system, you’ll need something which allows for the growth of your business. If your baler isn’t modular, it might mean buying a new baler each time your capacity increases. The BM100 from Recycle Direct does things differently. By being able to “bolt-on” extra capacity, you can continue to use the same machine, reducing your costs and further improving your efficiency. Click download PDF to the right.



H x W x L (mm): 3771 x 2300 x 11800

Feed opening (mm): 1100 x 2000

Weight: 32 tonnes

Compaction force: 100 tonnes

Specific pressing force: 12.1kp/cm2

Voltage: 415V AC

H x W x L* (mm): 750 x 1100 x Variable

Bale Weight: 450-600kg

*Bale length variable between 1000–2000mm

Optimum bale size for containerisation and reduced handling. Bale size and weight depends on material density.

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